The Life of the Single Serving (Favorite Single Serving Recipes)

 The culinary life of a single serving for me is not Ramen Noodles. Nor is it microwave dinners or other packaged, boxed up, frozen, or canned mystery findings. Don’t worry, I definitely do my fair share of frozen pizzas (thank you, Dr. Oetker), ham and cheese sandwiches, and Chinese or Thai. I am also a sucker for chocolate chip muffins or croissants from my local bakery. There are moments where I wish I could make for four or five people in my world, but honestly single servings are just as satisfying, if not more. If I did make for four or five people in my world, I always get sick of the leftovers by the third meal. It’s just not going to happen.

So, for all of the single serving lovers out there, I provide you some of my favorites in courses. Most of these are comfort foods, but at least you can enjoy them by yourself, without worrying about what to do with the other servings of food. Yes, some of them “do” say they are set for four to six people, etc., but I guarantee you that it will take you no more than two, maybe three servings so if it was so good that you just had to have it one more time (and one time only), its waiting for you.

Appetizer: From my first chef I ever got to get to know

Pasta: Mushroom Risotto. It’s so addicting I now have it once a month a least.

Buffalo Hot Wings: If you really need that sports watching day all to yourself

Welsh Rarebit: Basically, it’s a cheese sandwich on crack

Dessert: Big Ass Chocolate Chip Cookie

Breakfast: Pancakes


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