Rum Runnin' It

Are you itching to get into warmer weather? Every year when it becomes colder I always crave something that I enjoy during warmer weather, like ice cream for instance. For me lately, it’s been a rum runner. It brings me back to the moments in Jekyll Island, GA from spring to late fall. My family will vacation from time to time down at the Club hotel, and if you could picture a place that will make your favorite creation, no matter how new or vintage it is, this is the place.

My pick is the rum runner. My family enjoys these so much that we even researched a recipe to enjoy at home when we cannot travel to the hotel. A mix of two, sometimes three different rums, pineapple juice, orange juice, blackberry liquor, banana liquor, grenadine, garnished with a cherry and orange is the ultimate spiked punch one will ever have when you just want to enjoy the warm weather, sun and the water.

What is the one recipe we find to be most accurate? Click here to find out and enjoy it for hopes of better weather soon.


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