Overwhelmed at Wegmans

After living here for six years, I decided to do something different than usual for my weekend grocery shopping routine.  I decided to go Wegmans, the one grocery store that a lot of locals have raved about the past. I decided to give it a go and see what the craze is all about.

For starters, I probably went to the one location at the wrong time to go. I went to the location at Potomac Mills in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. 2pm to be exact.

I go in and I am already starving, because I heard their café items are pretty tasty. So I go in and I can’t describe anything else other than being extremely overwhelmed.  There must have been a swim meet in the area because every team known in the county was there purchasing lunch. It got me so overwhelmed that I decided to just get a drink and a sandwich at the café immediately to let the storm pass. Not bad of a turkey sandwich but nothing to go crazy about regarding taste.

Afterwards, I contemplated whether I should do my actual grocery shopping or should I just get a few items and finish the rest at home. I decided to go for it and honestly, it took me forever. I just could not go over how many kinds of one particular item they had and how it was organized. I had a hard time finding some basic items (olive oil and sour cream, for example), but the amount of the assortments just blew my mind.

Few things I did enjoy though were the candy section (it is like you are in your own candy store), the make your beer case assortment, and the prices. They are truly very reasonable compared to shopping at the Vegas of grocery stores, Whole Foods and the like.

Would I go again? Not sure, to be honest, maybe to find a beer that I cannot find or if I am traveling and need to go to a quick pit stop. Other than that, I just cannot think of another reason to be overwhelmed again. It was very interesting to see what is there, but it left me just wanting to go back to my neighborhood’s grocery stores and do my usual routine.

It is, however, definitely a place that is worth shopping quality products at reasonable prices. That I can definitely agree with and will probably be the one factor to consider when I cannot find a particular item in my usual spots. Give it a go, yourself and let me know what you think!


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