Muffin Mondays

Every city I lived in I developed a habit for something sweet in the morning. In Germany, it was Oschenaugen, Schoko Croissants, or a pastry with sugary crumbles and icing on top. I cannot remember the name, but they were huge and I would devour them usually if we had a big night from dancing in town.

In New York, it was either a chocolate chip scone from Fairway (the best ever) or a strawberry muffin from our local corner deli.

In Atlanta for my 1.5-year break was the Beso, a Mexican pastry of two shortbread pecan cookies sandwiched with pineapple jam and covered with sugar. I usually would enjoy these after a Bikram yoga class.

DC has been a wide variety of sweet treats, mostly from my local bakery but since I enjoy a wide variety of pastries in the area, I thought it would be fun to start sharing what I do enjoy on a weekly basis with my first cup of coffee, and there is no better way to share it other than, that’s right, Mondays.

Therefore, to start it off, here is my favorite, regular sweet treat here in my local neighborhood: the chocolate chip muffin from Firehook Bakery. Sometimes I have a habit of enjoying these almost three times a week. Totally inexcusable, I know but they are worth it every visit. So much, that I just might go tomorrow and have another with no regrets.

Stay tuned, because Mondays might not always be muffins.


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