3 Stars Saturday

After my overwhelming experience at Wegmans, I decided to join some friends at 3 Stars Brewery in Takoma Park. The afternoon was perfect: overcast, not cold, just a perfect afternoon to spend with some beer and conversation.

I instantly regretted eating my sandwich at Wegmans, because Sloppy Momma’s truck was right in front of my face upon entering the brewery. I guess next time.

In any case, I was delivered 4 tasting tickets to sample beer and a tour before purchasing flights, growlers, glasses and merchandise. Very fun and active scene as if I was at an indoor festival.

Because of lack of time, I decided to go straight to the flights where you can choose four, 4 oz. glasses of beer at a very reasonable $8. Out of the one’s that I picked, Ghost white IPA was my absolute favorite. Not too hoppy for an IPA, fresh, and slightly fruity.  A must try. Additionally, do try a bottle of Madness. Not only is the labeling classy, so is the flavor.

Despite the lack of time I had that afternoon, I will definitely give this location another go when I make more time for my Saturday. However, it was definitely a more relaxing finish to my overwhelming afternoon.


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