Summer of a Small Town: Drugged Up Fast Food?

I cannot believe how fast the time as passed. I am still sharing events from the summer and it is now almost winter. In any case, I hope to speed things up before I start writing about events from last year!

The next small town trip was down to Bristol, Tennessee and was one of those trips where there was a food options no matter where we traveled. It was one of those situations where you just have to give into one of the finer pleasures in American life: fast food.

At the time, I could not remember the last time I enjoyed fast food. What did we opt for? If I had to opt for fast food, I decided on Chik Fil A,which is what we decided to do.

Why am I sharing this? Well, about an hour after I consumed my sandwich, I felt as if a drug came over me almost like a dose of Codine and stayed within me for most of the afternoon. It was a feeling that was of course great, reminiscent but at the same time slightly odd and made me wonder, is all of our fast food really drugged up? I’ve read the books and seen the movies but it just made me wonder so much that I ate it again during the Thanksgiving holiday week. Sure enough, the same thing happened, and it was not the turkey.

Point at the end of the day? There are drugs in fast food. If you want a high and do not consume drugs, go for it. As human beings, however, everything we eat will get to us one way or another so enjoy it… In moderation, of course.


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