The Summer of the Small Town

I have been undertaking a new project that has lasted a couple of years now. Unfortunately, it has caused me to limit my traveling as I usually love to do and do often.

Luckily, however it has not been entirely a complete DC lockdown. I managed to travel up and down ‘concrete jungle’ on several occasions, more of which turned to cocktail hopping than anything else. I was able to sample the land of Appalachia and got my own taste of Jersey shore.

It does not stop there. I plan to do some western excursion as well as finally traveling to warmer weather for my birthday in December. Though local, all were incredibly memorable, photogenic and delicious moments, I can say that much.

Traveling local has reminded me why this country is so desired. You can literally pick any place where you would like to live: any climate, any territory, any condition or population. I keep forgetting how versatile it is and how fortunate I am to have already been to so many places. Compared to my Father however, I have ways to go but I am on my way.

The following feature just that and the edible experiences that follow them.


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