Experimenting Novice: “Healthy” Oatmeal Cookies

As an effort to try to eat healthier in recent weeks, I have been experimenting with several ideas, especially since I crave sugar almost every day.

I found an oatmeal cookie recipe that has no sugar, butter, flour, oil, or carbs but has simply fruit, oatmeal, chocolate chips. It must have gone viral because I saw it on various social media outlets online. Even my landlord even asked me about it.

I never really attempted to do these fad diets such as no carbs, Paleo, South Beach, you name it. However, given I have been trying to improve my diet in recent weeks, I thought I would give these a try.

Result? They are very much like a fruit bar in many ways. In all honesty, these cookies did not taste satisfying right out of the oven. Definitely enjoy them after they cool if you decide to eat these alone, allowing the flavors sink into one another.

If you look to pair these cookies with something a little more “normal", I would definitely try them with vanilla ice cream. Heat the cookies, crumble them and you have a warm fruit crumble a la mode!


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