The Social Menu: Weekly Trending Foods in Social Media

Good morning everyone! Here are some weekly trending foods in the wonderful world of social media:

The wonderful invention of the slow cooker, crockpot, whatever you want to call it. I am sure these recipes will give you any reason to use it. 

Siracha has made quite an appearance in the world wide web. Bon Appetit being one of their top presenters.

Why? Maybe having a mouth on fire is a faster way to feel warm in this weather?

The rise of homemade cereals. Do I need to say more? I am so excited about these that I am listing them all below:

Just to name a few.

Ok, I might be a little too excited. They might be a little advanced for some, but I will admit, the homemade Cookie Crisp is something I might try as my next experimenting novice project.


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