The Month Long RX

Happy New Year! Though I got to spend every ounce of the holidays down at the family home in Georgia, they were a little more stressful time this year. For me unfortunately, I have had to take care of some health issues that sadly affected the one thing I enjoy, especially around the holidays: my diet.

2014 was not an easy year for me, which caused me to not really take care of my diet the way I usually do. I ended the year treating what I have built up all year long, possibly longer. Therefore, I have not been able to share as much as I wanted to over the holidays.

What did I get to enjoy? First, I could not pass up my favorite family oysters Rockefeller. My last glass of alcohol actually comes from Georgia’s own Red Hare Brewing Company, which I highly recommend if you are ever visiting the Atlanta area. Though I paid my consequences for sampling their offerings. The holiday season also includes my birthday so I had to go to my favorite restaurant in DC, Roses Luxury.

My progress? It is looking good so far. In fact, I am going to try and start incorporating more foods this week to see how I cope. I also plan going to a nutritionist to see what else is making me weird. Possibly over doing it? Maybe, but I am a health nut and a foodie at heart, so I will do anything possible to make sure this does not happen again. I will definitely share what information I find as for my quest to get better continues.


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