The Cavalier

I can only begin with stating that I am amazed this place has not been talked, tweeted, blogged, pinned, or produced through any form of media ever since the birth of the “foodie”.  Not only is The Cavalier a hidden piece of American history, but it produces some of the most satisfying American culinary classics I ever tasted. I look back and try to think if I am partial to this place just because I studied two blocks away from this restaurant, but on behalf of all the students and locals in central Virginia, The Cavalier is truly a hidden, mom and pop gem that anyone must go to if you happen to travel to this part of America.

The Cavalier originated as a carriage house, and Thomas Jefferson himself could have possibly been there before this place evolved into a convenient counter store, and finally into full service restaurant packed with almost every inch of Virginia atmosphere you could imagine. Expired license plates, a pool table, old school arcade games, college flags, and initial etchings from every best friend, lover, spouse, or family member covers the inside of this restaurant.

 Everyone I know who developed a relationship with The Cavalier has their personal appetizing favorites: the cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, the personally favored Reuben, hot dogs, onion rings, they even have Mr. Pibb. I am not a particular fan of regularly feasting on fried food, but The Cavalier’s home fries is one fried creation I know I could devour every day if I was given the chance. Not just home fries, home fries with their special seasoning and ranch sauce for dipping. I ordered enough over the weekend for me to take back home and I have to admit, they are even better when the seasoning sits.

The Cavalier is a genuine expression of not only classic American food, but also a true definition of what Virginia means to me. I encourage you to take that pit stop at The Cavalier in Lynchburg if you are traveling through the great state of Virginia. You will be glad you spent your meal there rather than a drive thru, I guarantee it.

The Cavalier
2920 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24503


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