Ode de Rose's

Every now and then a restaurant comes along and just steals your heart away with everything it has to offer, from decor to dishware to garnish. Rose’s Luxury in Capitol Hill does just that and then some to make sure you remember each moment of it. It undeniably never fails. I may have written very briefly about it in a previous post, but after my most recent experience, I just had to share what this place is made of, especially if you have not experienced it yet. Rose’s is magic waiting to happen.

Now, restaurants always have their ups and downs with guests’ experiences, and I am sure they have had their challenges to make sure a guest leaves more than satisfied, especially if someone makes a, for lack of a better word, mistake. However, when I go to Rose’s I think a mistake is not possible, because it simply does not look possible. The staff is entertaining, and you can tell they want to be there. The restaurant alone feels like a home that you just want to either bring some of your closest friends for some laughs or bring your main squeeze for a little alone time. It just brings that good old, classic feeling we have to feel entertained.  

The food speaks for itself from Chef, Aaron Silverman. It is a perfect combination of innovation and originality.  To begin with as well as the ultimate staple of the evening besides my (yes, my) Fig Martinez is the potato bread. With butter. The crispy squid salad is an ultimate starter dish. Designed to share, I almost felt like using it as a spread rather than a salad with its creamy combination of avocado, crema, and lime.

Uni scrambled eggs, potatoes, and hollandaise. I am at the point now where I feel like I am in a fairly tale and magic is actually happening during my meal. I am not usually a fan of fried food, despite the fact I was raised in the deep south. However, the fried chicken with honey and benne seed syncs sweet and savory into an addicting symphony that never wants to end. The brisket sandwich can be on or off the menu and will be waiting for you if you ask for it.

And for dessert? Mascaparone with fruit and crumbles as a “cheese course” is simply one of the best things I have ever tried here in DC. Doughnuts with vanilla ice cream and Cabot cheddar sprinkled on top. You think you might despise it, but you will not stop thinking about it after you try it.

The combination of vintage dishware, simplistically bohemian decor, hanging garden lights, and now the garden rooftop makes you feel like you are being entertained in an enchanted courtyard. Rose’s simply has the right pieces to make the right combinations, making you never wanting to leave and itching to come back.

So, do yourself a favor: If you really want to just have a good time, show off what today’s DC dining is all about, or spoil yourself for that matter then go to Rose’s Luxury. It is a genuine magic maker in the heart of DC.

Rose's Luxury
717 8th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003


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