41 Degrees

I feel compelled to share one final experience in Barcelona which was at 41 Degrees, the renown restaurant by Albert Adria. For those unaware who Albert Adria is, he is the brother to Ferran Adria, the man behind the restaurant, El Bulli in Roses, Spain. These masterminds decided to open 41 Degrees since closing El Bulli back in 2011.

I did not get to experience El Bulli in its prime, but 41 Degrees was certainly an exception. 41 Degrees allows their guests to use all senses in creating the ultimate gastronomic experience. It felt as if I was enjoying dinner and theater together, performing together as one.

Below are highlights of my experience at the restaurant. Even though these pictures are only small samplings of what my meal was there, nothing can compare to what it felt like in person. I was in the middle of my own, intimate culinary dream and did not want to wake up.


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