Finally, Espana!

I have to admit, my day job sometimes takes over my writing much longer than expected. Oh well, the restaurant does come first after all.

Anyway, I finally made it to Spain in March. I actually wanted to go for quite some time now, and I finally found an opportunity to do so! It was purely the best trip I had in a long time. What's even greater is that I did it alone. Yes, why not? Sometimes going solo allows you to experience more, get to know more people, and explore more places in my opinion. Do not get me wrong, I love traveling with companions. Sometimes, however you need to just let go every now and then if you can make the time. It is so worth it.

This trip is going to take alot of explaining to do so this my so-called introduction. I traveled to Barcelona and stayed there most of my time. I finished my trip by going to San Sebastian before heading back home. As every European trip of mine ends, I did not want to leave. There is something in the air on the other side of the ocean that makes me want to stay forever. I cannot describe it. I reject my intuition every time and return back home. One day I will finally listen to it and stay I suppose. Until then, I have much to share!

If you ever want to feel like you are in a dream where  you can eat whatever you want, wherever you want, and everything is fresh, colorful, creative beyond one's wildest dreams then Spain is the place for you. I did not have one bad meal. Period. I think its almost impossible to have a bad meal in Spain, especially when it is a place where people live their lives rather than work their lives like we do in the States.

I did not get to try everything that I wanted to but I sure have the pictures to make up for it. Plus, its another reason to return.

Alright, vamos!


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