Advokaat Nostalgia


I cannot get over the fact that I rediscovered the Dutch liqueur, Advocaat recently in the district.  A good friend of mine introduced it to me when we lived in Germany several years ago. The novice in me cringed at the very thought of an egg liqueur and that it is used for desserts or to be enjoyed on its own with a spoon because of its thick consistency. My first experience with it was with gelato and will never forget it. This liqueur mixed with chocolate chips and vanilla gelato makes something that one just cannot forget, that is if your palate leans in that direction. It is also a major ingredient in a the Snowball cocktail. 

Advocaat is a liqueur made of eggs, sugar, vanilla and brandy. It is better known as Eierlikoer in Germany or Rompope in Mexico or ajerkoniak in Poland, where the difference lies in the alcohol used. The thick version has not been known to travel outside of Europe while the more liquid form can be distributed internationally. This liqueur is a pure example of past nostalgia so I choose carefully when I want to enjoy it just so I will not waste it to the last drop.


The recipe is relatively easy to make by yourself at home, but if you rather buy a bottle Bols has been the most successful to find here. Below are some links to for further exploration:


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