Recollections of the District

I am proud to say I am now slowly but surely able to make time to return to the Confessions. Its been an interesting nine months thus far and it can get only more interesting as time goes by in the District. As a result, I was not able to do much other than create a collection of discoveries, pictures and observations over the past several months which will surely change, I hope!

Chacuterie and Cheese

One of the newer and addictingly edible trends I discovered here in DC is the cheese and chacuterie world. Honestly, I could live just eating cheese and meat literally all day, every day, one the hour, every hour. That's how much I have fallen for it. There is so much to learn in one the most simplest forms of two food groups: cheese and meat. Every time I have been in a restaurant that has cheese and or chacuterie, we have not turned it down.

One of my favorites: Proof, hands down. The selections seasonally change and their honey, applesauce, and mustard are just too mouth watering to turn down, depending if you order a cheese, meat or both. I can never make a decision so we have opted for the selection of six cheeses and the chacuterie board.

If you are the do it your own kind or like to take something to eat when going out of town, I recommend going to the AM Shop or Cork Wine Bar's store. And of course, Cowgirl Creamery. They have a great selection in the area for the more adventurous cheese lovers. Even the most casual of restaurants serve their own specialty cheese plates, such as Tryst in Adams Morgan. What can I say? The cheese plate is one of the simplest but yet delectable dishes anyone can enjoy.

Food Trucks

Ok, so I obviously had my initial experiences with so-called gourmet food "a la truck" back in New York which were comically eye opening and surprisingly delicious. Atlanta attempted to get the trend moving south which currently has mixed results.

DC is interesting, however. At first, I thought noticing the groups of foodmobiles slightly outdated but I think its has simply grown into another way of eating in the city. DC has several food truck congregating areas that almost makes you think it is a mobile bazaar of some sort. Everything from grilled cheese to organic salads to empanadas to cupcakes, it is all there right in front of you! However, if they do not have any people there any longer than ten minutes at at time they must move their marketplace to someplace else.

The Rooftop

I was so naive to think that only New York and Chicago were the only places that creatively use their rooftops into creatively but yet original places to eat and drink. DC has old and new places that I did not think has fun environments to enjoy the skyline while dining, and there are lots to choose from: everything from the Reef and Perry's in Adams Morgan or the sexy and vibrant POV lounge at the W Hotel amongst others in Logan Circle and H Street.

Local Beer

Yes, the Midatlantic also caught on to the local beer movement just like everyone else with beers like Starr Hill and Evolution, some of which are actually preferable to me other than Atlanta's Sweetwater but then again, some of it is preference. Do not worry, I will get to this later.

European Discoveries

Yes, I discovered some things I have not seen in a long time that I could not even find in New York, oddly enough. Some of my favorite pastries such as below and the odd liquor from the Netherlands, Advokaat, also known as eierlikoer. It contributes to some great dessert dishes, my favorite ice cream ever, coffee, and of course, egg nog. Yes, it sounds odd but it is a must try. I stumped upon it during a long walk in Capitol Hill at Schindler's.

Farmers Markets

Unsurprisingly, DC has their own representation of farmers markets around the city and are great to spend  your mornings or afternoons.

Creative Cocktails

Some flirtatious drinks at the Gibson.

Prizes Inside

Yes, I discovered cereal boxes with the long awaited prize inside during a trip to the grocery store. I do not know about you, but I always looked forward to searching for the prize as a kid and was deeply disappointed when they disappeared. Its nice and slightly nostalgic in a kitchy way.

Do I miss anything yet? Yes, Mexican pastries and peaches so far, but I am sure I will find new attachments soon.


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