The Bread Maker Trials


I have been spoiled by homemade bread thanks to my family in Georgia. Now that I am finishing my project down south and heading back north soon, they were kind enough to purchase a bread machine for me so I will not have to resort to Wonderbread. I was so excited to try it but quickly became disappointed as my first loaf of bread turned out as small as my fist. I checked the recipes, and I was doing everything as instructed but something was wrong.

Maybe the recipe book was incorrect? So I tried a second time but changed the order of ingredients. Still, nothing rose before my eyes. I was determined to solve this problem so I called the Customer Service hotline for the bread machine and asked them if there were any mistakes in the recipe book. They told me there are two recipes that had the incorrect measurements of water, nothing more.


I realized I was using regular yeast for the past 6 hours rather than bread machine yeast. Of course.


I tried one more time, and it worked perfectly. It worked so well that I decided to show and tell to everyone, proving not only to those customers who complained online that this very same bread machine was not working but to anyone who is considering buying a bread machine. Please do. Once you start realizing how different fresh, homemade bread is from generic products, you will never go back to packaged bread again. Just remember to double check your recipes.

Bread maker: Wolfgang Puck 1lb Automatic Bread Maker


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