Viva Mexico!

I will return back to my locally foreign findings, but first I must share a little from my recent trip to Guanajuato, Mexico. I have been known to flock to Europe whenever I travel internationally so I was definitely in need of change of scenery. I left wanting much more and definitely plan on travelling back south in the future.

I tried to do some culinary homework before travelling there, especially since this was my first time travelling to a Latin American country. I discovered that Guanajuato is known for strawberries, and that the state alone is known for its produce due to its location between mountain ranges. 

Needless to say, I became almost photo happy upon arriving due to its ever colorful atmosphere combined with foods I have been longing to try. I wanted to share everything on the camera but I was enjoying them too much to even think about it so my apologies in advance.

For instance, I tried cactus for the first time, and I was not surprised that it tasted slightly like a pepper. The enchiladas verdes were as spicy as I thought they would be. Some of my favorite discoveries were the chicken, cactus, and chorizo sopes I tried on my last day. Thick, colorful, corn tartlets filled with beans, meat, vegetables and cheese. It was a much needed fulfilling experience before my unexpected long trip home.

And the chocolate: I finally tried authentic mole. Mole negro, that is. Sure, I have had my share of mole in New York, but this was finally the real deal. I was so satisfied from my experience that I took a bag of it home for myself to make the sauce. The hot chocolate was a perfect balance of spices and rich cocoa. Oh, and can someone help me in answering my question as to what is the relationship between the chocolate Hostess Cupcake and Mexico? They appeared at almost every bakery in the area and they also are sold at the local Mexican bakery in Georgia. I am determined to find an answer.

I could continue with many details about every bite from my week down south, but here are some photos that I truly hope you enjoy. I plan to try some of the previously mentioned myself and will keep you posted on my progress. Salud!


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