Locally Foreign Findings #3: Mexican Pastries



I did not know this establishment better known as La Suprema was in fact a bakery until recently. I have no idea why. I continue to familiarize myself with so many “new” places despite the fact that I have back in the area for over a year now.

La Suprema is a Mexican bakery franchise that has been in Atlanta for eight years and currently has six locations around the city. My parents literally instructed me to visit one of them and I am sure glad they did.

This place is immaculately clean and simply gorgeous. I never thought chandeliers exist in bakeries but they do now! It is well organized with their self-serve pastries on one side and their high-end creations and sandwiches on the other side while the register sits in an island in the middle. La Suprema creates an endless variety of treats from muffins to full blown wedding cakes. They have hand made chocolates that I have yet to try myself. I even got to see some of the ever popular pastries I would regularly would see every day in New York including the Conchas, Ojo de Buey and Chilindrina.


I tried a little bit of everything and wish I could have taken more pictures, as I only managed to get a shot of their large sugar cookie. Their pina colada cake is addictively moist to the point of finding yourself eating away the entire obese portion they offer you. Their cookies alone bring back memories of  V & V Bakery in Queens which is a sure sign of a personal addiction. Their Chilindrina is mouthwatering with two pecan cookies sandwiched with pineapple preserves, and I hear they make a divine Hostess cupcake.

You will also notice the modernly designed wedding cakes on display which surrounds their register island. They make me want to order one just for myself for no particular reason other than to taste the cake.

With six metro Atlanta locations, you are bound to find a La Suprema so I strongly encourage or rather instruct you to go yourself. It will open your eyes into another world of delectable pastries.

Note: La Suprema does not have an official website yet, so you must physically visit if you want to see what they have to offer.

La Suprema Bakery and Panaderia

815 Roswell Street

Marietta, GA 30060



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