Locally Foreign Findings # 2: Greek Yogurt


For those who love yogurt, it is pretty hard to keep going back to that Dannon or  Yoplait once you taste freshly made yogurt. Yes, they can be “light and fit” and have almost an encyclopedia’s worth of flavors, but they also have their fair share of gums, powders and who knows what else to thicken, preserve and flavor yogurt without you having to eat foods with real flavors.

I started my passion for Greek yogurt in New York and was afraid I would never see it again when I moved to the south. I ridiculously realized I was wrong during my stay here, especially being oblivious to the fact that Greek yogurt has become quite popular in the United States. So popular that Kraft and Dannon started manufacturing their own versions. In any case, I recently discovered locally made Greek yogurt from Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery one day when I thought the farmers market was out of yogurt all together. I gave it shot.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not as thick as FAGE but more the consistency of Chobani, this local yogurt tastes much fresher than its competitors. One thing I realized while exploring locally made foods is that when they are done right, the experience is like opening up a window on a cool, breezy day to let all the fresh air inside your home. Trying this yogurt once again reminded me of the feeling.

If you have the sweet tooth syndrome then do try their one of their flavored varieties such as Black Cherry or Ginger Peach. Their fruit flavorings are made from traditionally cooked fruit conserve recipes so you are bound to be mistaken if you think they came from your kitchen.


Atlanta Fresh also sells cheeses and distributes to various retailers and restaurants all throughout the great state of Georgia so I highly recommend giving them a try.

Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery

6679 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. #M

Norcross, GA 30092




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