Interlude: California Coconut Curry Covered Cashews


I must take a moment to show and tell a recent discovery I made at the Dekalb Farmers Market in Decatur the other day that simply made my afternoon.

Coconut Curry Covered Cashews.


The word disgusting was the only word I could instantly think of until I gave the combination a little more thought. I took the bag and gave it a go.

One word: wow.

The combination of flavors left me begging for more. The trick to this treat, however is white chocolate which not only sweetens the combination but also balances the coconut and curry flavors. What I love most is the tiny kick of curry just before you bite into the center of the cashew.


If you like coconut, curry and cashews this is a must try treat, even if you think this combination might not work for your palate. They are surprisingly addicting.

Dekalb Farmers Market

3000 E. Ponce De Leon Avenue

Decatur, GA 30030



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