Locally Foreign Findings # 1: The Pretzel


In light of the World Cup, I felt inspired to collect local but foreign discoveries that have recently come my way. Bernhard’s Bakery is a small, local German bakery located in Marietta that specializes in traditional German breads, pastries and of course, imports. My curiosity exploded the moment I discovered the breakfast and lunch eatery.


What attracted me most during my visits have been the pretzels. For those of you who have only had the oversized, Americanized, doughy version I can only say I am sorry. This is the first location I have seen and tasted a real German pretzel since my last visit to the country a several years ago: fresh, chewy, lightly salty but yet buttery. The only thing they do not do is cut the pretzel in half to spread with butter, but I think they leave that optional task for you to do. Their price at $1.50 a piece is a little on the pricy side, but it is definitely worth the quality I have been missing for a long time.

Check it out:

Bernhard’s Bread Bakery LP

Suite 110

1592 Atlanta Road SE

Marietta, GA 30060



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