Schoko: Joe's Art of Chocolate and British Invasion

T.J.'s Art of Chocolate

Trader Joe's creativity seems to never stop.

I was on my way to work and decided to run to the store to pick up the usual chocolate and wine craving. I could not make up my mind until I saw this cute little 3.5 inch box of mini fine chocolates. At a reasonable $1.99, I had to give these little ones a shot and they were so inventive that I just had to show and tell.

What: 9 pieces of miniature milk, dark and white chocolates with their own elegant designs. Enjoyed the flavor and texture you can get with a piece as small as a Hershey's Kiss. Personal favorites were the dark chocolates.

First thoughts: Creative and delicious. The box even includes a
miniature description of each piece just as if it was a 1 lb. See’s Chocolate box.

Price: $1.99

Perfect for goody bags, an alternative to gourmet chocolates or just for yourself when you are having a low day. Once again, thank goodness for Trader Joe's.

British Invasion

If you are not aware of it by now, world re-known Kraft now controls Cadbury’s life. What was interesting to discover is that while this negotiating mess was going on in the media, I surprisingly noticed the appearance of British candy in one of the south’s most popular supermarkets, Publix. Not only British candy but also the ever popular digestives, potato chips, jams (including Marmite) and oatmeal. I even found the Scottish Tunnock Wafers my close friends bring back to me on occasion.


I first discovered them at only one Publix location in the area besides Harry's Farmers Market and at the local British goods shop on Marietta Square. Now the products are almost at every Publix I usually visit. Just when I thought that my local deli in Queens was the only place I could snatch these things, everything from Nestle's Aero to Cadbury’s Heroes to Mars’ Bounty decide to re-appear down south. All of these items are also not even that expensive at an average $1.50, exactly the same price I usually paid in New York.

This phenomenon made me wonder about two things, both of which are pretty naive questions, but could possibly happen in the future: First, will Kraft finally get a chance to compete with Hershey’s and Mars at the supermarket register counters? Secondly, what about the other shops that also sell these products? Publix currently showcases almost as many products and at competitive prices. Could these other shops possibly go under because of this? Obviously not Harry's but the small gourmet shops at Marietta Square and in Norcross could need to get more creative.

I guess we will have to see. In the meantime, do try. I find some of these treats tastier than our American inventions.


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