Recipe in Translation: Slovenian Walnut Cake

Recipe in Translation

Late last year my father gave me a recipe for Slovenian Walnut Cake from one of his co-workers. He has eaten it on occasion at work and he thought it would be a good recipe for me to try. There was one challenge: I had to re-write the recipe. Not only all measurements were metric, but the language in the recipe was difficult to decipher. I sat down one afternoon and took the time to Americanize the recipe. I even told my father I would be willing to give my so-called "translation" back to his co-worker. I have been itching to make a cake like this for a long time so I truly enjoyed this project.

Some words of advice:

This cake takes two days to make; one day to ma
ke the cake and filling, the second day to let everything sit once it is finished. Believe me, it is worth it.

Do not be shy with the rum. I discovered that I could have used much more so please, do use the liquor.

Finally, you need to stabilize the whipped cream topping for this recipe. I found Dr. Oetker’s Whip It in a specialty foods shop, but you can also make your own with unflavored gelatin, heavy whipping cream, cold water, powdered sugar and vanilla.

So here it is. Try it for yourself!

Slovenian Walnut Cake


15 eggs, separated

1 ½ C confectioner’s sugar

1 ½ C walnuts, grated or grounded

1/3 C bread crumbs


Apricot or orange marmalade

Chopped walnuts

Cream Filling

½ C granulated sugar
1 C unsalted butter at room temperature

3 egg yolks

1 package of cook to serve vanilla pudding (not instant)

1/4 C + 1T milk


2 C heavy whipping cream
1 package of cream stabilizer (Kremfix, Whip It or your own version)

Confectioner’s sugar



1. Pre-heat oven to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Place breadcrumbs into bowl. Add enough rum and stir until breadcrumbs are entirely soaked.

3. In large bowl, whip all egg whites until mixture resembles a firm cream.

4. In a medium bowl, whip all egg yolks with confectioner’s sugar until well blended. Fold into egg white mixture.

5. Stir in grated walnuts and soaked breadcrumbs into mixture until mixed.

6. Pour mixture into either four 9" round cake pans or two 8"X12" rectangular cake pans that are heavily greased (I recommend lard or crisco).

7. Place into pre-heated oven for 30-45 minutes. Test cakes with a small knife, wooden pick or cake tester by inserting into middle of cake to check all batter is baked.

8. Turn off heat and leave all cakes overnight.


1. Prepare packaged pudding with 1/4 C + 1T milk. While mixture is cooking, add the 3 egg yolks and mix until thick. Remove from heat and continue to stir slowly so mixture becomes smooth. Cool to room temperature.

2. In additional bowl, mix granulated sugar and unsalted butter until well blended. Add pudding mixture into bowl and mix well.

3. Cover and cool in refrigerator overnight.


1. Take cakes from oven and remove from pans. If using rectangular pans, slice each one in half through the middle for the filling.

2. Take first slice onto a tray and spread the m
armalade on top. Take cream from refrigerator and spread on top of marmalade until covered and blended. Cover with the next slice. Repeat step with each slice until you reach the top.

3. Make whipped topping: In medium bowl, m
ix stabilizer and desired amount of confectioner’s sugar with the heavy whipping cream. Blend until firm.

4. Spread whipped topping on the sides and top of cake
. Smooth with decorating spatula.

5. Decorate cake with chopped walnuts.

6. Cover cake and leave overnight in refrigerator.

7. Next day: Enjoy!


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