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I finally decided to do it. I had enough curiosity in me to try one of the area’s oldest restaurants next to historical Kennesaw Mountain, Louise’s. Better known as Bill and Louise’s until Bill’s unexpected passing several years ago, my family associated it with as one of the most interesting holiday lights displays in the area rather than a small southern kitchen. My experience, however proved to me that Louise’s is much more than a colorful light and Manger display during the holidays. I could even argue that Lousie’s was a model for the original Cracker Barrel. In any case, my experience helped me understand and appreciate a little more about the area I thought I knew so much about in Georgia.

Louise’s is an old log cabin located off of Old Highway 41 that was renovated into a restaurant. I was amazed by how much room the restaurant has for seating. There is a communal table in front of a fireplace upon the entrance, main dining room seating in front of the kitchen and additional space for what would be considered the house’s upstairs all decorated with Georgia memorabilia dating back to the early 20th century. Historical newspaper articles, old maps of what the area used to look like before major industrialization took place, old Coca-Cola merchandise, signed Braves baseball bats, pictures of famous people to the locals and visitors alike, you name it, its there. It was like the Cracker Barrel merchandise only not for sale.

Now, the food. Overall, the food is a classic but yet greasy example of southern home cooking. I should have taken my out of town visitors here a long time ago. We came for breakfast on a Sunday morning just so we knew we would get a spot to sit. The make your own omelette was filled with its fair share of butter and well cooked vegetables. Their grits had perfectly equal amounts of water and butter, giving it the texture grits should be. Their more than enormous pancakes were fluffy and warm enough to melt butter once they reached the table. What I enjoyed most were their Cathead biscuits. Light but filling and again filled with the south’s favorite ingredient, butter. I could easily understand why the restaurant sells them in twos. The only thing I would recommend to them is to have homemade Georgia jam for the biscuits and shrink the pancakes just to keep customers from overeating. Other than that, Louise’s perfectly exemplifies the idea of a classic southern breakfast.

I now understand why people keep coming back. Louise’s knows her customers well and what they want. Any location that can fluently speak food to its locals are bound to stay.

Louise's Restaurant
972 Kennesaw Avenue
Marietta, GA 30060 - 1005


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