Schoko: Vergani Pralines

Vergani Holiday Pralines

I detest buying the same thing all the time, and this Vergani holiday bag filled of various chocolate pralines from Italy was such a pleasant new finding. I did not know what I was getting into, but I had no fear after realizing the company has been around since 1881.

I thought these morsels were filled with only solid milk and dark chocolate. I was terribly mistaken. In this 500g bag includes five different kinds of hazelnut cream pralines with crushed cocoa beans, cereal, nougat, hazelnuts as well as the occasional milk cream praline with cereal. If I was not careful, I could have demolished half the bag in one sitting because I liked these so much. However, I have better things to do with my time and wanted to save these for all it was worth.

Favorites? I could not get enough of the milk cream with cereal and hazelnut cream with nougat pralines. They simply fit with coffee like white on rice. I even noticed on the website ( that you can even purchase bags of individual pralines, but I think I have to actually go to Italy to indulge in that luxury.


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