Vino: Saint Esprit 2007 Côtes-du-Rhône

Saint Esprit 2007 Côtes-du-Rhône

I have been on a personal search for a very smooth Côtes-du-Rhône for quite some time now. I even came to the conclusion that the smoother one is, the more expensive it tends to be. However, I managed to find this 90 Point Côtes-du-Rhône at $11 and be slightly impressed.

Overall? Smooth but only at the finish. Can also eventually become a little too bitter over time so I would say this one is a pop and pour kind of wine.

Flavors: Full-bodied oak, peppercorn, various red berries, and tannin slightly similar to a Syrah.

Food: Beef, lamb, veal, pork, and roasted chicken.

Price: I noticed an odd variety of prices from $8 to $17, but I managed to find this one at $11.

Try? Absolutely. One of the smoother but yet cheaper Côtes-du-Rhônes I have tried in the past, so I think its worth a shot.


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