Vino: 2008 Muirwood Chardonnay

I am honestly a little sensitive when it comes to my opinions and wine. I do not know why, because my friends will turn to me when it comes to the choosing. In any case, I thought I would start sharing a few finds as well as some all-time favorites and disasters.

Vino: 2008 Muirwood Chardonnay

Supposedly, this Monterey Chardonnay is considered the best selling at a local wine shop I visited this past weekend.

Overall? Okay. I personally do not like hints of vanilla in Chardonnay, but I will give points for it having full body and a smooth finish to it.

Flavors: Tropical flavors, pear, hazelnuts, and personally I sensed a vanilla aroma but that could have been because of the hazelnuts. The label included pineapple, but I could not detect it the entire time tasting it. Maybe my palate was dead that evening.

Food: Because of its distinct taste, I would have to accompany this with pasta or poultry. If you do not like dry Chardonnay, this one is for you.

Price? An average of $11.00 so definitely a moderately low price.

Try? If you want a Chardonnay with its own character then go for it.


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