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In Search of Good Thai
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Weekly Recipes, Hopefully

In Search of Good Thai

The cuisine I could devour any time of the day, every day would be Thai. I just cannot get enough of it. The vegetables, pork, seafood, curries, spices, peanuts, coconuts, peppers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Thai cuisine in addition to their eccentric looking but savory desserts. Since I am so used to being around so many of them and living next door to the most re-known and authentic Thai in all of NY, I knew any Thai restaurant in Atlanta is going hard to compete with.

Only tried two and a half so far down south:

1. Asian fusion to-go: It is near my home and has a spicy, peanut and coconut sauce that goes fantastic with shrimp, mixed vegetables, and rice. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name and does not have a web listing.

2. Tamarind at Colony Square: It was not bad for this midtown location. The sauce for the Pad Thai tasted a little sugary, but I will give them brownie points for serving Singha beer in an iced Singha glass.

½. Thai Peppers: A Japanese-Thai restaurant in a strip center by the local mall. It does not really count since I have not been there in almost a decade but it is considered where I first experienced Thai cuisine.

You can guess there was not much before I moved, and I have much more work to do. However, some acquaintances and friends mentioned several sure bets:

The King & I: near Piedmont Park

Kokai Thai Bistro: Norcross

Thai Chili: Briarvista Shopping Center

I know I will not be able to enjoy some of the miracle creations that I have been spoiled to experience in New York, but I can at least get my hands into other interpretations of the cuisine alone. In any case, please let me know if anyone out there knows of a good place to go!

The Julia I Did Not Know

I am not usually into trendy media but after seeing Julie & Julia, a long discussion with my parents, and reading the introduction to Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I discovered some interesting things I did not know yet, knowing I still have a long way to go in perfecting the art of modern dining:

Electric and gas stoves are both desirable.

Even though its fussy to deal with, copper is the ideal material for pots.

Wood spatulas are better than wood spoons. Yes, common sense.

Enjoying oysters with sweet wine is a thing of the past.

The sweeter the wine, the colder it should be served.

I left one industry to another with only one thing in common: the French vocabulary.

Weekly Recipes

I will start to include my weekly trials of certain meals every Friday, particularly dinner if I get home at a decent hour during the week. Feel free to contribute your own if you are itching to share something.


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