Recent Cravings and the Recipes that Follow Them

Craving Recipes

Probably like everyone else, my palate has been rapidly changing with the weather: Figs, red wine (finally), oatmeal, dark chocolate, goat cheese, sweet potatoes, risotto, and prosciutto. I saved this recent Bon Appetit recipe, because I was itching to do this so-called “stuff and wrap” technique with their prosciutto-wrapped chicken breasts with taleggio cheese. Unfortunately, I did not use taleggio and used asagio as a replacement. After all, I am not back in New York, but it continued to satisfy my palate. The prosciutto naturally kept the chicken moist, salty and tender as the cheese melted inside the meat. Definitely a must try if you want to creatively work with your ordinary chicken.

Want to know how? Check it out on Bon Appetit.

Culinaria Deutschland

I recently re-visited the north Georgia mountains and passed through Helen, a small vacation destination resembling the mountainous German Bavaria. This tiny spot holds one of the largest German-American Oktoberfests in the country, lasting almost two months long. I have not passed through this area ever since I was about to leave for Germany for my year-abroad adventure about six years ago.

Honestly, the visit made me most happy I have been since I have been in Georgia even though the trip lasted not even half the day. I eventually want to have a home in western Europe, and re-visiting the past through this kitschy, constructed town made the visit all the more oddly nostalgic.

In any case, I finally found a coffeetable cookbook that primarily focuses on German cuisine, Culinaria Deutsche Spezialitaeten. Its been by my side ever since. Do not be suprised if you happen to find an ueber-abundance of recipes with more red meat, potatoes, whole grains, eggs, cabbage, eierlikor, marzipan, and chocolate in the future, because it is bound to be a regular habit until I return to the great country of Deutschland.


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