Mini Courses

I have been searching for new material recently and greatly apologize for the waiting time to the next "course".

In the meantime:

I discovered white pumpkins.

Visited two more southern food festivals. Interesting.

Learned how to make lefse.

Overwhelmed and embarrassed a cookbook author.

Fell in love with German proscuitto again.

Recent chocolate findings: chocolate covered peanut butter crackers, attempting to perfect drinking chocolate, learning the molten chocolate cake, and found probably the easiest chocolate cake recipe.

Planning to attempt and translate Slovenian Walnut Cake.

Visiting the other Georgian vinyards and one of America's largest Oktoberfests.

No new Thai findings.

Do not plan to go to Louise's until my sister visits.

Finally found one of my favorite bruschetta recipes.

And despite the weather, I am instensly craving Gelato and honestly a little homesick for the city. Not just New York but the city in general. Afterall, I know this is a temporary adventure, but sometimes one cannot help to yearn for what is considered their normal atmosphere. In any case, my homesickness should ease a little with the holidays quickly approaching.



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