Interruption New York

The Weekly Menu: Interruption New York

I have not made any time this week other than
to make cheesecake and go to Louise's (the mystery restaurant), only to discover that Louise's was closed for Labor Day. What did I do? I ended up going to a Turkish restaurant on the Square instead, and ended up meeting the staff and touring the facility. It was definitely a pleasant alternative to a disappointment. Louise's will have to wait for another day. Again.

I am flocking back "home" this weekend to visit friends but most importantly to eat. My list of places to go continues to overwhelmingly increase, but I know there will only be a select few eateries I will actually be capable to devour.

Even though I feel a little left out of whats going on in the food scene up north, Atlanta is really growing to be a new culinary hub. The more I experience in Atlanta, the more I realize this town could be a young chef's dream to get their
name out there, show off their talents, and use the great resources Georgia farmers have to offer. Even the media such as Top Chef and Bon Appetit are getting in on the city. The scene is already interesting now, but it will be even more interesting in the near future, that's for sure.

How did the Cheesecake go?

I was shocked. When I thought I messed it up, I was actually doing it right. A novice like myself did not know the cake rises in the oven like a souffle before cooling. I thought it was going to overflow into the oven and that I would end up spending hours cleaning it up. However, it turned out just right for my liking and it brought back the nostalgia I was hoping to get out of it: not too heavy but extremely creamy, with that intense sweet cheese flavor left over on the palate made me completely satisfied. The recipe made enough for a large party so I know this cake might stick around the house a little longer than I thought.

I will share the recipe next week.


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