Figs, New York Recipe Experiment, and Mystery Restaurant

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NY Recipe Experiment

Sad to say, there has not been much going on this week for it is finally transitioning the end of the summer and into one of my most favorite times of the year in the south.


I have been obsessed with figs ever since I discovered them in season in Georgia. I never realized not only does this state grow them during the late summer but also some of the different types that can be grown.

Hundreds of varieties exist but here are some notable picks:

Sugar Figs: Super sweet and super small for a fig. These figs are so sweet that you can eat these alone. Honestly not sure if they are in fact technically named “sugar figs”, but the farmer insisted they are one of its own kind so I will take their word for it.

White Italian: My least favorite of the ones I have tried so far. A little too bland for my taste, but they do balance out with a savory goat cheese.

Brown Turkey: Not as sweet as Sugar Figs but huge in size. I enjoyed roasting them in the oven as it intensified their flavor.

What are the good for? I have lately been on a bruschetta phase with them as well as mixing them in salads. Figs also make wonderful spreads and one of the most satisfying partners with fresh goat cheese. Its almost the end of their season in Georgia so catch them while you can!

For more basic info:

Recipe Experiment

I continued to clean out some of my old boxes from New York when I discovered a pile of recipes that I copied from some “New York” cookbooks before moving there four years ago. I never did try to cook most of them, but I definitely took the opportunity to eat them at every place I could find in the city. I will admit, discovering these recipes did make me a little homesick.

I realized that if I learn to cook some of them really well maybe it will ease my withdrawals. Therefore, starting next week I plan to start a little experiment to see how well I can re-create some of these recipes I so much adore up north. One thing is for sure: there will be an abundance of pastries around the house.

Place: ?

Sadly, I have no place to share this week. However, I do plan to finally visit the one restaurant I have been itching for years to go for breakfast.

A few hints: the restaurant is built out of a house; they always put on an entertaining theatrical production of lights during the winter holiday season; and it used to be a husband and wife owned business until the husband’s unexpected passing several years ago.

You be the judge.


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