Cupcake Competition

The cupcake trend has officially spread to the south! Just when I thought I would be experiencing withdrawals from not having a Crumbs Boston Cream, Magnolia Red Velvet, or a Buttercup chocolate frosted vanilla cupcake, these Woodstock entrepreneurs open a quaint cupcake bakery south of Marietta Square.

The more I visit “The Square” the more I enjoy watching it adapt with the times as it re-opens or renovates new cafes, bars, art galleries, and boutiques suited for the locals. Cupcake Charm is no exception. Located in the re-developing Roswell Street, Cupcake Charm sandwiches in between a currently closed Eastern European Restaurant and the well established Tommy’s sandwich shop.

This open-aired, ice cream parlor styled bakery feels a little vacant upon entering, but that may be just me. I am still used to people lined on top of one another being considered normal pedestrian traffic. The cupcakes, on the other hand generously make up for the vacant space as they sweetly finish an appetite.

Flavors ranging from basic Vanilla and Chocolate to the uebercreative Malted Milk and Pistachio, Cupcake Charm sells flavors I have yet to see advertised in this ever-growing cupcake industry. I opted for the Red Velvet, Key Lime, and Chocolate Chip even though my first choice was Boston Cream which was sold out at the time.

Red Velvet: One can indefinitely tell he or she is in the south when they see nuts on top of cream cheese frosting or taste the spicy heaviness of the cake.

Key Lime: Filled with Key Lime pudding, covered with Key Lime frosting, and topped with a vanilla wafer, this Candyland creation simply melts in one’s mouth.

Chocolate Chip: Rich chocolate morsels inside a semi-dry vanilla cake and generously smothered with swirls of chocolate frosting thick as fudge, this treat accompanies well with dark coffee.

Can Cupcake Charm out-charm their northern rivals? At $2.50 a piece, these charming creations are bound to make one’s day a little sweeter. The bakery even distributes a cupcake card where the 11th one is on the house unlike the competition up north. Therefore, I would give Cupcake Charm my sweet tooth anytime I have New York cupcake withdrawals.

Cupcake Charm Bakery
156 Roswell Street
Marietta, GA 30060


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