Good Ol Burgers and Beer

Due to some outside circumstances I had to stay around my neighborhood rather than venturing out into other boroughs recently. Queens undoubtedly has cuisines from every continent in the world but what about a classic burger and a cold glass of beer? I thought such a place must exist, and I was certain that this place would not be far.

So, what is this place? Donovan’s Pub is his name, and the burgers are so noteworthy that the city consistently chooses Donovan’s for having one of the best burgers in town. I had to put myself to the test.

The critics were absolutely correct. Even though I am not a regular red meat eater, the burgers are that hard to compete with anything else. Medium sized with a wholesome bun, all the fixings optional including bacon, and lightly fried potatoes, you just cannot say no to such a juicy creation of perfection. The meat is incredibly moist but does not fall apart. You can try to venture off and try something else like the mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, or even Shepard’s pie, but believe me you will come back home to the burger. And let us not forget the beer. Donovan’s regularly serves the usual line of beers on tap and in bottles as well as offering some Irish and British brands you will only see in Woodside.

Open seven days a week mostly until 11 pm or midnight, Donovan’s will not disappoint you. That is, you are looking for the good ol burgers and beer.

Donovan’s Pub
5724 Roosevelt Ave (at 58th st)
Woodside, NY 11377


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