Champagne Truffles of New York #6: The Ueberwhip It

I never purchased a champagne truffle throughout the many visits to Neuhaus, a Belgian chocolatier in my old neighborhood in the Upper West Side. Why? I have no clue. I think I was so hooked with their liqueur chocolates that I completely forgot about them. In any case, I returned to the location to find out what I was missing all this time.

This was my first visit since their recent make-over late last year. The company now markets their chocolates on a more luxurious level by redesigning their presentation, displays, and branding amongst other concepts. I was a little curious to see how much one would cost, but the salesperson was kind enough to give it to me on the house. I love my old neighborhood.

This dark chocolate morsel looked like a thick skipping stone dusted with powdered sugar. The truffle’s enrobing creates such a fresh semi-sweet flavor that I could have believed if it was made to order. The inside instantly made my mouth water with the ueberwhipped chocolate champagne cream. The filling alone brought me memories of chocolate filling of a Krispy Kreme chocolate cream filled doughnut.

So, what did I miss? This ueberwhipped skipping stone forced me to conclude that I missed a lot of intensity and a huge stomach ache. Despite the light and creamy center, this truffle overall is seriously concentrated so indulge wisely with your cappuccino.

2151 Broadway (between 75th and 76th Street)
New York, NY 10023

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