Champagne Truffles of New York #5: Double Duet

I finally decided to stop by Varsano’s, a mom and pop chocolate shop in Greenwich Village one afternoon after leaving work early. I pass by this confectionery store at least once a day but always deny the idea that they would carry champagne truffles since they primarily specialize in hand-dipped sweets such as chocolate covered pretzels, bark, and peanut butter cups.

I was definitely wrong: Varsano’s carry both milk and dark chocolate champagne truffles, and I became so involved with my conversation with the owner of the shop that I could not decide between the two so I bought both. Who can beat $0.98 a piece for chocolate truffles these days?

These vintage styled truffles reminded me of the Li Lac chocolates I sampled in the past (The Plastic Ball). They have a solid waxy shell but gave my palate an extra kick of sweetness inside with their thick, smooth center. I could only taste a hint of the champagne compared to the liquored-up Teuscher truffle (The Golden Mountain) I tried several months ago. When comparing the two flavors, the dark truffle naturally carries a richer flavor compared to its milk chocolate sister. The milk chocolate truffle offers more chocolate than milk to the point where I just wanted to buy a handful and devour them with a cold glass of milk. Therefore, stick with the dark if you want more intensity.

Even though I have yet to sample Varsano’s more noteworthy hand-dipped creations, the truffles alone lured me to explore them during my next visit. Hopefully it will lure you, too.
179 West 4th St (Between 6th and 7th Ave)
New York, NY 10014
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