Hunt for a Kinder Surprise!

One nostalgic consumer product I see in New York frequently but yet to understand is Ferraro’s, Kinder Surprise. It always brings many nostalgic memories of me traveling to Europe as a child, but what I do not understand is the politics behind it. For those of you who are new to this children’s treat, it is a hollow, palm-sized chocolate egg coated with hazelnut milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside of the shell. The hollow middle contains a small toy inside a plastic, pill-shaped container. The toys can be in one or many parts and have descriptions and instructions inserted in every egg alone with a warning disclaimer in every recognized language.

Consumer reports in the United States claim the product illegal and hazardous to all children because of the small toys inside this chocolate egg. They also claim that you must contact the Food and Drug Administration if you see the products in your local stores. If you do see them, they are not supposed to be here and are being illegally distributed. Good luck in trying to find them if you live in New York, that is. There are so many of these little eggs here that the city would have to orchestrate a city-wide Kinder Egg hunt in order to find all of them and who knows how long that would take. It’s not worth the effort when they produce so much fun for kids and adults alike.

These innocent, chocolate but yet plastic creatures have been with Ferraro since 1972. An infinite amount of types of toys can fit into a chocolate egg. Some eggs could have puzzles inside that would have up to 25 pieces and have the ability to still fit inside the yellow capsule. Some toys have more bells and whistles than a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy and it’s only the size of one’s thumb. No matter how old I become, I always excited to open a Kinder Surprise egg, because I never know what I am going to receive.

Kinder Surprise Eggs also have a disclaimer in almost every spoken language in the world that the toys are not suitable for children under a certain age. Therefore, it’s up to yes, the parent to be responsible and look after your child when they do play with such toys. Ferraro is giving customers a sweet treat and fun toy with the guarantee that one will have the responsibility to use it. Therefore, the U.S. consumer reports are all hot air.

So, if anyone wants to have a little fun during your coffee break, dessert, or with your children, take the time to go find one of these chocolate surprises. They are well worth it.


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