Champagne Truffles of New York #4: The Golden Mountain

This cluster of extravagance is a little pricey at $2.37 a piece but definitely well worth the cost and amount you receive. A thick layer of milk chocolate dusted with powdered sugar shapes this morsel into something of an Alpine mountain which made me wonder, what could be inside this piece of potential bliss?

And bliss it was. This chocolate mountain has two additional layers nestled inside its shell. Smooth, whipped, buttery champagne chocolate and a center spot of butter cream filling. The combination of the tart champagne chocolate, buttery center filling, and sugary milk chocolate instantly made my mouth water. My taste buds could taste almost all ingredients at some point before allowing it to melt down my throat which left me amazed that all those ingredients could fit into this chocolate shell the size of a large cotton ball. I wanted to savor almost every bite. It creates such a rich taste that you cannot devour it all at once. This is by far what I was waiting for in a chocolate champagne truffle: presentation, appearance, and taste. The only thing I would recommend is to possibly downsize the truffles to keep me from eating too many. This is definitely a chocolate to save for those special occasions or if you have some serious cheering up to do.

When: 10.29.08

Location: Upper East Side

Cost: $2.37

First thoughts: Rich (and the cost for one felt that way, too). Definitely what I was waiting for in tasting a chocolate truffle.

Overall: This piece of amazement definitely has my gold stars for appearance and taste. It is an exceptional delicacy to save for special occasions and is perfect to pair with alcohol or coffee.

25 East 63rd Street and Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10065


620 5th Ave
New York, NY 10020


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