The Champagne Truffles of New York

Chocolate season once again returns to New York. All the chocolate one can desire from Halloween treats to stocking stuffers appears at one's footsteps, ready to be consumed by sweet teeth of all ages. With more festivities approaching us soon, chocolate can be one of the most accessible gifts for consumers, particularly in cities like New York.

Despite their accessibility, not all chocolate is the perfect gift for the masses. I do not recommend giving your boss a bag of Twix if you plan on earning that big promotion you have been expecting to be announced during your office's annual holiday party. When you live an area where the term "gourmet" applies to more products than many other cities around the world, why on Earth would you choose that bag of Twix? The world of chocolate has their own league of gourmet superstars that would make your bag of Twix look like a bag of coal, especially if some of them have the luxury to contain such delicacies as champagne inside their centers.

Yes, I am talking about chocolate truffles. The name truffle alone can make chocolate appear more exotic, important, thoughtful, and sometimes expensive than their cheaper counterparts. Therefore, the recipient is bound to be more appreciative knowing you took the effort to purchase an exclusive version of a generic sweet.

I can understand the general ideas of chocolate is just chocolate and "its the thought that counts" approach to gift shopping, but after making a regular visit to a local chocolatier several months ago, I became tired of not knowing what types of chocolates, particularly chocolate truffles that would fit best as presents, especially knowing if one is allergic or throws them away if unsatisfied. Therefore, I decided to pick one kind of chocolate truffle, champagne, and go on small tour around the city to discover how many personalities they have, their characteristics, and who will devour them.


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