Champagne Truffles of New York #3: The Little Lady

Jacques Torres

Every time I go back to my first neighborhood in New York, something inside my heart always lights up. Jacques Torres continues to add onto the neighborhood’s charisma by opening a small chocolate boutique around the corner of my hold home on Amsterdam Avenue.

I was pleasantly surprised that I did not purchase just another chocolate truffle shaped like enlarged marble. Rather, a little milk chocolate lady with no enrobing molds this truffle together. She even wears a dress which makes it more fun to eat. The milky filling tastes almost like an intensified version of the outside shell, where the champagne flavor is very discreet. No sharpness, no scented aromas, just pure, creamy chocolate with a touch of champagne. I recommend enjoying it with coffee as the combination of sweet and bitter make an ideal duo. Note: Torres also has a barista inside his Upper West Side location.

When: 10/26/08

Location: New Location on Amsterdam Ave in the Upper West Side

Cost: $1.72

First Thoughts: Fun, creative shape, milky, smooth texture and taste.

Overall: Great treat to cheer up your children. If you are in need of a walk around in one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Manhattan, it’s a perfect accompaniment with your take-out coffee.

285 Amsterdam Ave (between 73rd and 74th St)
New York, NY 10023


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