Champagne Truffles of New York #2: The Pearl

from the Perles Collection

These pieces of edible jewelry can be quite deceiving as they come in two varieties, dark and white chocolate. White chocolate with superfine powdered sugar enrobes its shell. Your mouth actually feels the layers break as you bite into the truffle from the powdered sugar all the way into its thick center. Expecting to have the dark chocolate and forgot to mention the salesperson my initial choice, I discovered the white chocolate and flower scented champagne inside the center. The combination of white chocolate, cream and flavored champagne gives the truffle a distinctive, flowery personality and makes it a little difficult to have too many of them once the aroma sticks to your taste buds.

When: 10/14/08

Location: Leonidas at East 52nd St and Madison Ave, Midtown

Cost: $1.17

First Thoughts: Flowers, three layers, crystals, unexpected taste.

Overall: Unexpected taste based on appearance. I preferred the dark chocolate truffle over the white truffle as it carries too much flowery aroma in the center. The company should have jewelry box packaging for the collection. If you like flavored champagne then this white crystal delicacy is a sure winner for you.

485 Madison Avenue (Corner of 52nd St)
New York, NY 10022


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