Champagne Truffles of New York #1: The Plastic Ball

This cute ball of nostalgic goodness has the appearance of chocolate you would see in cartoons or vintage advertisements. A round coat of solid milk chocolate decorated with two dark chocolate stripes covers its dark, champagne center. Smooth, dark chocolate champagne fills its shell with a soft, airy consistency that makes the inside of your mouth tingle. The milk chocolate shell tastes a little waxy but the bittersweet, champagne center balances out once the chocolate melts in your mouth. These indulgences are perfect for those who crave old-fashioned, American truffles. They make great casual gifts or as an accompaniment with gifts or flowers.

When: 09/27/08

Location: Grand Central Market

Cost: $1.10

First thoughts: Vintage, classic, light, sparkly, fun. Looks like a small, plastic ball.

Overall: I expected a little more on the general taste but truly enjoyed it with coffee.

40 8th Ave ( at corner of Jane St.)
New York, NY 10014

Grand Central Market
Lexington Ave.and E 43rd St.
Inside Market Hall


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