The Woodside Wonder

I am a former Manhattanite who recently moved to Queens, not realizing Sripraphai (See-Pra-Pie) or better known as " The Woodside Wonder" was only a couple of blocks away from my new home. I got hooked the moment I tried it and everyone laughed at me when I began spreading the word, not knowing so many people from all five boroughs make the effort to come to this place. I dine at a variety of Thai restaurants in New York, and Sripraphai wins my award for most authentic Thai cuisine. It is a definite must if you love spicy food and personally the most satisfying pad thai yet. Irresistable desserts are always on display next to the to-go counter. It even has a surprisingly spacious outdoor seating area which is essential during the warmer months.

I will admit the service is not as sharp as their Manhattan competitors, they are closed on Wednesdays, do not deliver and do not accept credit cards which is probably a good thing now anyway. The menu "novels" are a little overwhelming but educational if you are brand new to Thai cuisine. If you are a Sripraphai virgin, I would stick with one of their recommendations like one of their salads, pork dishes, or pad thai. My only recommendations to them: Make the interior design a little more consistent, get that website running, and consider hiring servers from Manhattan. They know how to please the neighborhood visitors.

6413 39th Avenue (between 64th and 65th Streets)
Woodside, Queens 11377


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