V & V Bakery

The most special part about every Friday these days is to make the time and save the $1.50 to buy a Linzer cookie at V & V, a classic Italian-American bakery off of Roosevelt Avenue and 61st street in Woodside. They never fail to make my entire week a little sweeter. Sometimes I find the bakery impossible to resist whenever I walk past it in the early morning or late afternoon. I become hypnotized by all the aromas they create. From home-baked breads to dreamy desserts, V & V satisfies my yearning for wholesome, nostalgic treats.

A handful of counter girls, bakers, and the owner herself operate V & V seven days a week. Some employees always smile at me when I walk in, because most of the time they know what I want: a raspberry filled Linzer cookie. I surprise them once and while with a tiramisu, chocolate croissant, chocolate chip cookie, or a whole loaf of bread. V & V’s kaiser, sourdough, or whole wheat rolls make perfect hamburger buns on game day. My mouth melts every time I bite into their crisp, miniature cookies. Their collection of cakes and pies in the refrigerator constantly distracts me whenever I have to wait in line, and I have not even dared to go near the cannoli yet. They provide fresh coffee cheaper than your newspaper to wash down every bite. Overall, you will not be disappointed from the variety of indulgences V & V has to offer unless you get a stomach ache from eating too much.

I am still used to the stressful hustle and bustle of Fairway Market on the Upper West Side in Manhattan where you have to push through a zoo before you are lucky enough to find a chocolate chip scone in the morning before work. Not here. Even when the bakery is busy, the service never fails to keep orders coming and going without a fuss.

What can V & V work on to be better than they are now? Not much, considering they have been around serving the locals since 1928. The location near the 61st street subway station is ideal despite the annoying rumble of the 7 trains above the bakery. V & V stands right next door to a local florist so anyone who needs surprise someone, wish them luck, apologize or even say the simple I love you will not have a hard time making a decision as to what to do. More publicity for the bakery proves to be not much of an issue due to its central location. For instance, V & V was one of my first discoveries upon moving into the neighborhood. The only criticism I can think of for this local gem is to have a set of chairs and tables outside of the bakery.

Even though I notice more restaurants and cafes open every day in my neighborhood, enticing me to cheat on my favorite indulgences, I sincerely believe V & V to only be a relationship that will grow and deepen as I continue to become more familiar with my new borough.

V & V Bakery, Inc.

6119 Roosevelt Avenue (near 61st st)

Woodside, NY 11377



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