My Fellow Foodies

My fellow foodies,

I am a Reservationist. Yes, I am usually that first person you hear on a phone when you call to make those last minute Friday night reservations for two people at 8pm that you should have made on Monday. If you think this job involves just sitting around, anxiously waiting for those phone calls to come then think again. I am lucky enough to see the front and back of house in action. I have a little hut that defines as an office next door to the kitchen. Sometimes I believe I am the silent eyes during the excitement, drama, and downtime of how a successful kitchen works.

You could claim this blog is just another addition to the "foodie" world from someone who obviously has too much time on her hands during her day job. However, I find people do not realize that food is much more than just an act of survival. It [food] is an art of communicating anywhere around the world. It contributes to symbolizing why people celebrate so many special occasions throughout the calendar year. For instance, what is Thanksgiving without the turkey or pumpkin pie? Or what about that birthday cake? It invites a guest to one's home. It plays a starring role during the first date or last date, in some cases. Sometimes it plays a meaningless role as something to do on a Saturday afternoon while watching football. Once a given situation involves food, the act of survival evolves into a pleasurable social ritual.

This blog essentially aims to educate foodies and non-foodies alike how food plays that vital role in one's life. I will show people what different angles one can view in realizing that food should be be given much more credit in today's world, including restaurant reviews, confessions of what goes on in the food industry, and descriptions of rare delicacies. In addition, I will feature stories where food plays the main role, both in conscious and subconscious ways which can be informative, entertaining, romantic, emotional, inspirational, or sometimes just plain ridiculous.

I hope you are hungry enough to allow me to start filling you in on what really goes on in an Reservationist's job.

Bon appetit!


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